The 47 rooms and suites
reflect the quintessence
of Parisian elegance

The Rooms & Suites

It is the spirit of a place where one feels immediately at home, where classic meets modern and where the accuracy of the detail prevails over the superfluity of the decor. Spacious, quiet and bright, the 47 rooms and suites are a haven of peace and offer a typically Parisian atmosphere. They are composed with the surprises of the architecture. The layout evolves according to the volumes. The charm is undeniable. The Classic room transports you into a typically Parisian universe, which can be found in the Superior rooms, as well as in the Deluxe, Junior Suites and Suites.

Comfort is omnipresent, palpable. The range of colors is soft, easy to appropriate. The view of the facades and rooftops of the neighborhood gives one the confused feeling of owning and belonging to Paris. Here you can taste the salt of the city.

Among the 47 rooms, 14 have been redecorated by Didier Benderli in 2022 (2 Classics, 7 Deluxes, 4 Suites and the James Joyce Suite).

discover our BEDROOMS & SUITES

Classic rooms

Up to 2 people

Superior rooms

Up to 2 people

Deluxe Rooms

Up to 2 people

Junior Suite

Up to 3 people

Family rooms

Up to 5 people

Suites and James Joyce Suite

Up to 4 people

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